What to Pack When Traveling to Cambodia

There are some countries where you don’t have to pack much, and that’s great, but Cambodia is not one of those counties. Packing for Cambodia poses the unique problem of having to fit everything into a suitcase or backpack that you can cart around. Most people don’t spend more than a few days in any one city in Cambodia. But, we have broken down the essentials of what you need and what you don’t!


Just as important as clothes you need your documents if you plan on entering or traveling within Cambodia. Any seasoned traveler knows that the key to keeping your documents in one place is a travel wallet, a day bag, and luggage locks.

Among other important documents such as traveler’s checks, your iD, and your passport you’ll need proof of travel insurance. Cambodia is not a place to be sick without insurance and although you can get the vaccines and avoid food that you’re unfamiliar with you may still get sick.

Once you’re in Cambodia though you’ll find the people welcoming and the amount of scam or theft attempts very low, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down though. Be aware, as you should always be when traveling and enjoy being a tourist in Cambodia.


You do not want to go without toiletries when traveling. Even during the best time of the year to visit Cambodia, you’ll want to be well stocked with:

  • Quick drying towel
  • Heartburn or indigestion medication (try Imodium or Gaviscon)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hydration pack
  • Water purification tablets
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen


Of course, you need clothes, but how do you pack for a conservative country that is both hot and humid? It’s pretty simple, but be ready to invest in some sportswear.

Shirts and Pants

The bread and butter of your wardrobe. When it comes to shirts, remember that Cambodia is conservative, but not so conservative that you have to cover your wrists. You can get away with simple t-shirts. The best fabrics for helping with the humidity is linen, cotton or an athletic material that helps your sweat keep you cool. It sounds gross but is so important in Cambodia.

Synthetic fabrics will help you feel dry and cool. However athletic leggings are a little too form fitting for this conservative culture. Instead, opt for pants or shorts that offer a lot of air flow. Cargo shorts, skirts and similar are great options. You should avoid thick denim.


Getting to the nitty-gritty of travel to a humid country where you’ll likely do a lot of walking, you need comfortable underwear that doesn’t rub or chafe because these areas are sensitive!

Invest in UnderArmour undershirts, bras and underwear or opt for similar options such as MeUndies that are thin, absorbent and comfortable.

Temple Outfits

You do need a decent day dress that is at least knee-length or a pair of khaki pants that you can wear to a temple. You’ll need to dress slightly nicer than you normally would when traveling. Be sure to keep your knees and shoulders covered out of respect.


So Cambodia is hot right? Cambodia is humid. This is a fact. But, the surprise when you arrive is that it gets cold. While you don’t need something for hard winter wear, you do need a light hoodie and a rain jacket. A hoodie is useful for keeping dry or can even work as a pillow in emergencies. A rain jacket is absolutely necessary for travel to Cambodia, you won’t regret the decision to invest in something lightweight that folds up easily.


Depending on where you’re staying on your vacation, you might have limited options in the way of bedding. We’re not saying pack a comforter or quilt. But, a lightweight blanket will have more uses than you might initially imagine. Of course, don’t pack anything that takes up a large amount of valuable space in your bad.

The perfect blanket should be lightweight and made of fabric that keeps heat in and pulls away moisture. Travel blankets are perfect, and you can find them for cheap on sites such as Amazon.


We all need our electronics right? Well, you’ll need your phone, laptop (if you plan on working, journaling electronically or blogging) and everything to make these devices work and keep them safe.

In addition to your phones, laptop, tablet or any other major devices you want to bring you’ll need to be sure that you have chargers for each device. But, for your chargers, you’ll also need to pack a universal plug adaptor. Cambodia has an odd plug system that has three different plug types. That means you can’t just buy a single-use plug adapter because you’ll never know what plug is available to use!

As you’re using your phone constantly for GPS, maps and taking photo’s your battery will drain very quickly. That means that you need a power bank because you don’t want a dead phone in the middle of a foreign country while you’re standing in a temple and can’t communicate with anyone.

An ideal power bank should be lightweight, and carry multiple phone charges so that it’s always ready.

You’ll also want to pack a few things to protect your devices. Plastic bags are your best friend! Make sure to pack plenty of ziplock bags that can fit your phone and look into purchasing a few bags that can hold your laptop or tablet too. Remember that Cambodia is a wet country and it rains often. Protect your electronic devices!



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