What is good to know when booking your accommodation?

Planning a trip is always a fun-loving task which can fill your life with joy and happiness. To maintain this enthusiasm, everyone prefers to make their trip luxurious by booking the best accommodation option in the place. Technology has offered us abundant options through which we can browse through and select our choices online. For a spontaneous traveler, Cambodia is a perfect place to enjoy a vacation away from home.

The best way to enjoy your holidays is to lie down freely and explore the sightseeing areas of Cambodia. Hence booking a hotel that is clean, comfortable and budget-friendly is a good source of relaxation Ensuring that the place where you are going to stay is always welcoming and pleasing for the guests. In this modern world, you can choose the hotel according to your convenience by comparing the price as well as services right from your PC or cell phone.

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Good accommodation is all about facilities and services provided by the hotel to their customers. So instead of just focusing on room or environment, there are ample of other things which should be cross-checked.

Things which you should consider while booking accommodation:

 As we all know, choosing the most appropriate spot for your stay is always preferable for a peaceful tour. Hence, we can say that staying in a secure place is always our priority when we plan a holiday trip. Certain things are mentioned below which you should prefer if going out for a trip to Cambodia:

  1. Location:

Undoubtedly, we can say that the location of the hotel is the basic thing to look into. Preferring accommodation in a central placeis always beneficial, either in terms of transportation or sightseeing. Search the location where you can get all essential needs at nearby areas, such as confectionery, medical store, transport, food, clubs etc. Undoubtedly, Cambodia hotels are famous for their punctuality and services, due to which location of the hotel is always a top priority. You also need to consider other things in terms of location, including the security, privacy and accessibility it offers.

  1. Comfortable room:

No one can compromise with a comfortable bed or room. So, you can ensure their quality and convenience by checking the bed and washrooms properly. The comfy bedding and room services such as air-conditioners or room heaters can add a taste to your vacation trip. So making it proper is in your hands. Cross-checking it is important instead of just booking it online. There are ample of things which need to be checked such as ventilation, airy-rooms, balcony area, door-locking system etc. Make sure that all the appliances are working in the room, and the staff members are hospitable enough to listen to your complaints and correct them.

  1. Kitchen services:

Accommodation is not just about luxurious bedding and balcony. It is also important to check the services offered by the hotel. Cambodia hotels are known for their supreme services, such as complimentary breakfast and in-house restaurant. Hence food services or a restaurant within the hotel is preferable. Also ensure that the restaurant offers a varied menu, the quality is good and taste is delicious. Check their late night services, as most of them have a time limit and you can’t order once the restaurant closes down. So, checking their room services is a must thing to do while selecting an accommodation option.

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  1. Cleanliness:

Customers always prefer a clean and spacious hotel, even if it is minimal in terms of money and services. The hygienic environment with proper drainage comes under most important cleanliness services. Proper laundry services should be offered, and swimming pool areas should be cleaned regularly after a certain interval of time. Other than this, sweeping or vacuum cleaning of rooms is necessary. Make sure that the room is free of any unpleasant odors either from the inside or the outside. This is beneficial for room maintenance as well as to increase the reputation of hotels.

  1. Friendly staff:

Cambodia people are quite friendly. Talking about the hotel staff, there are ample positive reviews which can make your choice clearer. Whether it is about suggestions regarding outgoing plans or guiding services, the friendly-staff of the hotel should always be there to help you. On-call services given by the staff of the hotel is helpful in sorting out the things. Thus for good booking, one can also have a look at staff members. Soft-spoken and polite behavior reflects the vision of a hotel. Hence you can check the reviews or visit the hotel to know more about the hotel staff and their attitude.

  1. Affordable price:

Budget is always considered whenever we plan for a holiday trip. Other than transportation, there are ample expenses which are calculated, accommodation being one of them. Booking a hotel room that is affordable, yet offers marvelous services, can make your journey unforgettable. So you can therefore compare between the prices of online services from one provider to another. If you go through the list of Cambodia hotels, there are endless options available on hotel websites. Hotels with restaurants, swimming pool and good hospitality are rated under best of hotels. While looking for hotels, you can also avail discounts and special offers announced by them from time to time.

  1. Transport facilities:

In some areas, hotel offers transport or guide services to customers. This kind of facility adds another dimension of fun and leisure to your trip. The localities or guides can provide you with information regarding the sightseeing areas and other historical monuments in Cambodia. Thus you can prefer to choose the accommodation services which prefer such services under a reasonable budget.

  1. Spa and other services:

Relaxation is the main objective of planning a trip, and good hotels of Cambodia understand this thing in a better way. Many of them are proud to offer a wide range of spa and meditation services to their guests. So, if you want to stay calm and away from mental and physical stress during your trip, availing these services is the best thing you can do. There can be different sections for boys and girls, and they may offer different spa and massage techniques offered by professionals to relax the customers. So, why not take advantage of these services during your free time in Cambodia.


From the above list, it is quite clear that along with rooms of a hotel, we need to cross-check multiple other features which can add flavor to our trip. So while booking accommodation, you should check the reviews which can provide detailed information about the hotel, its service and quality. Prefer to choose the hotel which offers refund options in case of any disturbance or service issues. Even if you are booking online, make sure that you can get refund of your money if you do not like the hotel when you visit it.



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