Traveling to Cambodia with Children

If you are running an adventurous family, you are probably planning your next big outing. When family outings are more than a day at the park though you’ll likely question the safety and a few other concerns before packing your bags.

We’ve done all the diffing and answered a few of the most common questions for people who travel with children. Going to Cambodia is usually safe with the same dangers as any other foreign country. Watch out for pickpockets, don’t give money to beggars or children on the street are all common advice for travelers. But, take these questions, tips, and insights into consideration when planning a family holiday to Cambodia.

Is there Anything to Do in Cambodia with Kids?

Yes, there are a ton of family activities as well as children’s activities that can make a trip to Cambodia complete. Unlike the other areas of the world where historical areas must be seen from behind a velvet rope, Cambodia invites visitors to experience their landmarks.

Your children will enjoy running through temples in the middle of vast forests and play hide and seek behind statues that stand meters high. Overgrown tree roots might be the most significant risk for your kids in temple areas.

Don’t worry about your kids feeling overwhelmed by the mass number of temples. Instead, focus on delivering an Indiana Jose style excursion for them. Invite and encourage them to learn about the ancient cities and cultures.

You can also visit floating villages, embark on Tuk Tuk rides and watch the street vendors cook the food right in front of you.

Finding the Right Accommodations

Of course, there are children in Cambodia, and they live through both the rainy and dry seasons. But dealing with high heat and high humidity doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re traveling with children, be sure to book comfortable accommodations.

Adults can deal with $10 a night dives in sketchy neighborhoods, but we all want a little more security when our children are around. Thankfully there are many family-friendly accommodations throughout the highly-trafficked areas. If you’re visiting Siem Reap you can easily book rooms for your family that are comfortable and affordable.

Look specifically for hotels that advertise as “Kid-Friendly” and avoid any that don’t. If you have to ask a hotel if they are kid-friendly, you might not want to take the chance.

Other accommodations such as getting from place to place might be a significant concern. If you have more than 3 people total, a Tuk Tuk might not be that comfortable. Then there is the safety and financial concern with taxi cabs. Avoid both by hiring a driver through the hotel. Most often hotels have the inside scoop on the good services for travelers.

Some hotels can offer fully customized tours which will cater not only to your family but to what you want to see while on vacation.

What to Eat

Finding anything that kids will eat can sometimes be a challenge, but when you’re in a foreign country and trying new things you might think it’s impossible. But, there is an outstanding solution to this issue: cooking classes.

Although you can, but shouldn’t, easily stop into any chain-restaurant, you can treat your kids to cooking classes. They can take a hands-on approach to learn the cuisine and trying new foods. Many travel agencies can arrange cooking classes with well-known restaurant owners through the Siem Reap area. Your kids will love eating a dish they made themselves without the fear that they will refuse to try something new.

These classes can explore the differences between what is popularly known as Cambodian cuisine, Khmer cuisine, and the more regionalized dishes they might see on their trip.

Take the Kids to the Beach

If your kids are not used to being closed in with jungle and city, they may get a little restless. Thankfully, Cambodia’s coastline is never too far away. You can take a quiet escape to let your little ones unwind and soak up the sun.

You can take a tour that will drag you from island to island for a full experience of the differences in Cambodia. On these tours, you can see the island of Koh Chaluh and the white sand beaches of Koh Takiev.

Explore Safely

It is safe to visit Cambodia, and the people of Cambodia are very welcoming. But, as always there are risks with travel. The best thing you can do to ensure a safe and fun trip for your family is to stay aware of your surroundings and engage with people.

Stick to the more touristy destinations and enjoy the long days of temple exploration. Guided tours are always best with children because it lets you focus on your family and the excursion rather than planning every step of the day. You can still work with your hotel or a travel agency to help you find tours that will pack your day with excitement and adventure.



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