Modern-Day Cambodia

Modern-day Cambodia honors its rich cultural history but has taken significant steps into the future. What Cambodia Is known for now is its multiparty democracy that exists inside the framework of a monarchy. Currently, Prince Norodom Sihamoni is King, and the Prime Minister is Hun Sen. Cambodia is an excellent collaboration of culture, religion, politics, and nature.

Cambodia’s culture rests on a combination of Hinduism and Buddhism, but these two religions converged to create a series of unique Cambodian rituals.

Buddha Stupa Phnom Penh

What is Cambodia Known For?

Cambodia is known for their hospitality, as well as their rich religious and cultural history. Many people travel to the country to see the Angkor archaeological park. This national symbol of Cambodia, the Angkor Wat system includes the remains of the old empire. The Khmer Empire dated back to the 9th century and is home to the Angkor Wat temple.

The Angkor Wat temple has over 2 million visitors every year because of its unbelievable views at sunrise. From November to February it’s nearly impossible to have the front of Angkor Wat to yourself in the early morning hours.

The Bayon temple and Angkor Thom are among the most visited and some of the most iconic temples in the country.

Cambodia is also known for its Ta Promh temple. This Buddhist temple, unlike other temples in Cambodia, there is no preservation effort here. Ta Promh is overrun with the jungle, which makes it a marvel to see. There’s no reason to miss this sacred temple if you’re in Cambodia. Trees stretch over the structure, while roots weave their way through the pathways. You have to take great care when visiting their temple because the pathways aren’t dedicated.

Because the culture and what Cambodia is known for relates to the local religions, it’s important to behave accordingly. Cambodians aren’t accustomed to loud talking or provocative actions. Because the entire area of Angkor Wat is a temple, it’s important to treat each person, and the grounds with respect. For many visitors, they don’t realize that some picture poses, or shouting is disrespectful.

Cambodia’s History and What Cambodia is Like Today

It’s important to know how Cambodia gained independence to understand why Cambodia is the way it is now. This particularly dark point in history but it was also the catalyst in how Cambodia gained its independence. There is Khmer Roughe’s initial phase of revolution focused on creating an order that did not depend on the ties of family, religion, education, money or foreign influence.

This destructive attempt to reset the country led to numerous orphans and a shattered society. From the time of the Vietnam War, Cambodia has been in and out of conflict either external or internal.

In 1965 they allied with China to allow North Vietnam set up bases to engage South Vietnam. Soon after they became a sanctuary for North Vietnamese and then had to work diligently to restore relationships with the West and throughout Europe.

Now, Cambodia has put many of its issues aside and built focus on their positive points in history. The most significant point in history that Cambodia is recovering from is the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Today, Cambodia is still recovering and has kept many of their family ties and religious influence. There is proof in recent years that Cambodia is emerging as a unified country again as it shows regular economic growth.

When you enter Cambodia, they immediately greet you with smiles and friendliness. The people look forward to their future with an enormous amount of positivity. Many tourists are taking advantage of the nearly untouched beaches in Cambodia.

Is Cambodia Poor?

Yes, Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries. Most of its citizens find employment in subsistence farming. Although there is the attempt through recent political changes to lessen and eventually extinguish corruption in its political system, Cambodia lacks the infrastructure to end poverty. The reasons behind Cambodia’s poverty include having limited human resources, income inequality and a lesser quality of education.

Most of the education opportunities available to Cambodian families is private education. Unmet education needs, contribute to continued income inequality and national poverty.

However, their poverty hasn’t dampened their hospitality. It is important to pay and tip appropriately. If you’re wondering what to tip in Cambodia, 10% is about average, but feel free to tip as you feel appropriate. Cambodia is impoverished, but what Cambodia is known for their respectful greetings called “Sampeah'” and their smiling nature. Many people report their trips to Cambodia as a fulfilling experience.

Is Cambodia Safe

Although Cambodia has a past with a lot of war and bloodshed, there is a lot of positivity and change in the country. Many people recognize the time after Angkor history as one of the worst in Cambodian history. The kingdom of Cambodia became at almost constant war, and struggle to secure their own identity.

Now that Cambodia is an independent nation, they ensure that their temples are well taken care of and providing stability. Overall, Cambodia is safe, and over 5 million tourists enter the country each year without incident. There, of course, is the same risk that you take whenever you’re visiting a foreign country. Often the religious areas such as the temples are the safest, and the most risk is in the larger cities.

Many scams are circulating through cities, and this is a standard issue for travelers. In Cambodia, you’re more at risk of losing money than experiencing physical injury. Throughout North-West areas of Cambodia, there is more risk, but it doesn’t deter tourists. This part of Cambodia is in poverty and typically when people ask “Is Cambodia poor,” they refer to this part of the country.

Hotspot areas like the national museum of Cambodia are generally very safe. There are a lot of tourist destinations in Cambodia that are safe for travelers.

Visiting Cambodia

Although Cambodia has a long history that includes war, religious struggle, and poverty millions of tourist’s jet to Cambodia every year. Modern-day Cambodia allows visitors to enjoy untouched beaches, historical monuments, and ancient temples. Getting your visa is easy and arranging for travel is a breeze. There are tons of things to see and do in Cambodia that pose little risk to travelers.



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