Everything you need to know about your Cambodia E-Visa

Cambodia electronic visa allows you to travel to Cambodia hassle free and with ease. It liberates you from those long queues and frequent trips to the Cambodian Embassy. Earlier, you could have received a visa on arrival at the Cambodian airport of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap or by going to the consulate. Now, you can receive the visa at the tip of your fingers online and within 24 hours. The Cambodian electronic visa system was introduced in April 2006 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote the tourism industry. There are a few countries which are required to get their visa in advance from the Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Cambodia, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arab, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Sudan. The citizens of Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Brunei Darussalam are not required to apply for any kind of visa and are allowed to stay in the country for a period of 30 days.

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Application Procedure

To receive a Cambodia e-visa, you need to visit the official website of the Cambodia e-visa and fill up the online application form. Along with the form, you are asked to submit a picture of your face which should be in JPG or PNG format. Once you have submitted the necessary details, you will be required to pay.  The details of the application can be changed later by reviewing and editing the details. It takes 24 hours to receive a confirmation email of your visa, and in some rare cases might take at most 3 days.  The approved visa which you receive in the email is in pdf format. While travelling, two print outs of the e-visa are mandatory. One copy of the print out is required while entering and one while leaving Cambodia respectively. When you arrive at the Cambodia Airport, the tourist’s details need to be verified with the e-visa document. You have to visit the e-visa immigration counter check point and hand over one copy of the e-visa to the Immigration Officer.

Terms of the e-visa:

  1. Cambodia e-visa operates similar to any tourist visa. It allows you to stay in the country for 30 days maximum and 24 hours minimum.
  2. It is valid for 90 days after issue.
  3. Refugee travel document holders are asked to report to the Cambodia Consulate
  4. In case the e-visa is not processed, the cost of the e-visa is refunded.
  5. Passport of the tourist should not expire in 6 months after application, i.e., the validity of the passport should be more than 6 months at the time of application.
  6. Anyone who fails to put their picture in the e-visa is charged an extra amount, as a penalty, of US$2 at the airport and approximately 100B at the land borders of Thailand.
  7. Children of less than 12 years of age do not require a visa to visit Cambodia as long as they are travelling using their parent’s passports.
  8. If you are travelling from a country which has yellow fever risk, then you are required to get a vaccine before entering the country.
  9. E-visa holders are allowed to enter the Kingdom of Cambodia from these points:
  • Both Cambodia International Airports – Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport.
  • Both the Thailand Border Crossings – Cham Yeam and Poi Pet
  • Vietnam Border Crossing – Bavet

Not sure if you are the requirements for obtaining Cambodial e-Visa? Check here for more information.

Drawbacks of  the Cambodia e-visa:

  1. The Cambodia e-visa can be extended only once, thus the people who need to stay longer need to go through the entire process again
  2. The e-visa is applicable only for single entry trips, which makes it difficult for businessmen who need to travel more than once in the country. They are required to go through the usual procedure of applying the visa
  3. Immigration officers at the land borders try to squeeze in extra cash from the traveller through various schemes and hacks, which makes it a little difficult to enter Cambodia by land.
  4. A Cambodia e-visa is not accepted in Sihanoukville

How does an e-visa work?

Cambodia Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation electronically issues the Cambodia e-visa to a tourist. Anyone can procure the e-visa officially. Once the traveller fills in the details of his/her passport, the e-visa system verifies the details by going through the records maintained. After a thorough check, the traveller is informed of the outcome; whether the visa has been granted or not. If the e-visa is approved, the visa is linked to the traveller’s passport immediately. But if the visa is denied, the traveller instantly receives a notification regarding the same. The traveler can further clarify the reasons and other details by visiting the consulate or the embassy.


Here, we have given you extensive details about getting a Cambodia e-visa online, what are its restrictions and drawbacks, and what conditions you will need to follow while having one. Applying for an e-visa online is an easy and convenient process, but don’t forget that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months, and you should have sufficient space in the passport, as Cambodian visa itself takes one full page in it.

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