Do I Need a Power Adapter in Cambodia

Our world runs on electronic devices, and that means that more than ever before we need access to electricity. The trouble for travelers is that there is no universal plug. For anyone who plans to travel to Cambodia you’ll be in for a surprise when it comes to what power adapters you need, because yes, you do need a power adapter in Cambodia.

Power Plugs Used in Cambodia

If you’ve spent your life without leaving the United States, it’s likely that you have only used two different types of plugs your whole life. The thing is these are not the common types of plugs in Cambodia, and that means you will need a power adapter. Actually, you’ll probably need two.

Of the three plug types used in Cambodia, the plug type A is a familiar site. This plug type is two flat pins usually with one side slightly larger than the other. This plug type is the most familiar type in the United States and is present in some very touristy parts of Cambodia. You’re most likely to see a type A plug in a hotel room in a major city such as Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.

Plug type C is another common sight in Cambodia, and it has two straight and round pins that fit flush into the wall. Finally, the plug type G is common throughout Cambodia and has three flat pins all pointing away from the center of the plug.

What is a Voltage Converter

You will also need a voltage converter because the plugs in Cambodia run a higher voltage than what we have in America. Basically, every device in America is built to handle 120v, but with Cambodia’s grid running on 230v you’ll need to take a few steps to tone it down a bit before plugging in your devices.

A voltage converter tones down the voltage coming off the grid in Cambodia and makes it safe to plug in your devices. You will definitely need a voltage converter for any device that generates heat such as a hair dryer or a baby bottle warmer.

Going from the United States to Cambodia you will need a step-down voltage converter that will plug into 230V and take the voltage down to 120. There are some variances available on, and sometimes you can find a voltage converter that is also a plug adapter.

Why You Need a Voltage Converter

Some devices such as phone charges are multi-voltage and will say right on there “100-240V~1.5A” which means that it can handle anywhere between 100-volts and 240-volts or 1.5-amps. These devices will switch automatically over to a voltage that is safe. However, if you notice that your phone charger has no printed instruction, its best to assume that it will only handle 120V.

Be especially careful with devices that create heat, wither intentionally or not. A hairdryer will clearly create heat, but if you’ve noticed that the “brick” or ac/dc adapter for your laptop charger creates heat and you laptop will surely create heat (that’s why it has fans) you should take extra care and ensure you have a working voltage converter before using the device.

In the best case scenario plugging in a device that can’t handle the higher voltage will break the device. But, it can also result in electrocution or fire, both of which will ruin a vacation. To avoid fire hazards, death by electricity and broken phones, buy a voltage converter.

Finding the Right Power Adapters for Trips to Cambodia

What to Pack

For traveling to Cambodia, you will want to pack a type c and g plug adapter. Avoid “universal” adapters as they have a record of shorting out or dying and it’s not useful to have something so unreliable in your pack.

You can look at power adapters that also step down the voltage to protect your devices. These options might be more expensive than buying a voltage converter and the two power converters, but it’s an investment that will save you space in your bag and frustration in your hotel room! Ideally, you’ll have these two and a voltage adapter or these two with voltage adapters on them. But, don’t forget that you’ll also need a plain type A plug voltage adapter for those standard two prong plugs. Because most of the cities in Cambodia have the type A plug, you don’t want to risk plugging in your charger to a voltage that’s too high.

Amazon is great for adapters, and it’s great that you can easily review the feedback from other customers. Travelers often rely on the advice of others and power adapters is a place to highly value the opinion of people who have previously used the product.



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