Adventure holidays in Cambodia

Everyday is a new adventure! And in Cambodia, that statement will ring even truer if you let it. When looking for an adventure holiday Cambodia should definitely appear on your to-visit list. And with increased tourism and easier methods to enter the country, you’d be mad to miss it.

Situated in southeast Asia, bordering both Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has both a long and brutal history, taking its place in some of the most violent conflicts and wars in recent history. However, Cambodia has seen much improvement over the last couple of decades, and if you take the time to visit, you can see one of the most historical and naturally beautiful countries on the planet.

But natural beauty isn’t the only reason to visit Cambodia. With rolling hills, bustling cities and beautiful waterways, there is much adventure to be had there. Here we have a short list of just what you can do in Cambodia to get the most adventure out of your holiday.

Temples as far as the eye can see

Cambodia has a massive amount of temples, both actively used and ruined, available for intrepid visitors to see. You can choose to walk, hike, climb or even cycle through these temples in order to immerse yourself in their history and grandeur. If you are able to book on one, tours are available around some of the more prominent ruins. If you can, set time aside to visit Angkor Wat, reportedly the largest temple in the world, and a UNESCO world heritage site. Standing for at least 7-800 years, you can visit the temple daily, or take part in an organised tour.

Cycle everywhere

Cycling your way around Cambodia is both an inexpensive and quick way to travel from attraction to attraction. Cycling tours are available for those who like their visits a little more lively as well. The tours are relatively cheap and are a relaxed way to witness the history of Cambodia, from the comfort of your own bike seat. Just be sure to wear a helmet. Remember, you may be cycling around ruins. Rocks and debris  will be probably be everywhere.

Immerse yourself in Nature

Cambodia has thriving wildlife and no adventure holiday would be complete without spending at least one day up close and personal with it. If you so wish, you can take a relaxing dip with one of the elephants from the Elephant Valley Project, a group founded on the core beliefs of rescuing and rehabilitating endangered, overworked or abused elephants from around the country. These elephants are free to swim, and for a small fee, that goes towards their conservation work, you can get up close with these majestic creatures, rather than riding around on them.

If swimming with elephants isn’t your thing then maybe drier option might be a better choice. If you don’t want to get in the water then why not head over to one of the many conservation and wildlife parks situated around the country. These parks house all manner of at risk species that are under protection and conservation programs and the parks are an excellent way of helping to donate to their cause, while seeing the animals in a safe environment.

The life is not just on land

While you could spend all your waking hours cycling through cities and ruins, you can just as easily spend your time both on and under the water. Riverboats constantly travel Cambodia’s rivers offering you a chance to see rare aquatic creatures that just aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Or you can head on down to one of the many pristine and relaxing beaches that cambodia has to offer and continue your adventure underwater. There is so much to see in the deep blue that spending your entire time on land may just seem like a waste. From Whale Sharks to Eels and beautiful coral and underwater scenery, you find something new no matter which direction you look. Just be wary of diving around monsoon season, as visibility does drop dramatically and conditions can become unfavourable fast.



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